Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Hiitstep Coach?

You can do this by either attending one of our face to face courses or through our online programme.

How long does the Face to Face course last?

It is a one day interactive course which is both theory and practical.

Do I need any pre-requisites to become a HIITSTEP Coach?

Yes. In order to deliver HIITSTEP sessions you need to be at least Level 2 qualified fitness instructor/personal trainer. Or a Level 2 Coach for a National Governing Body in sport. If you are a professional in education you are also able to become a HIITSTEP Coach.

Is there any choreography?

No! We may have the best music of any exercise class but there is definitely no choreography.

Are there any ongoing fees?

Yes. You receive a NEW workout track each month along with notes and videos for £9.99.

We are a facility, do we need a license?

No. We run group training for gyms and centres and then there our monthly fee that the instructor pays.

Are refunds offered?

You can request a refund for a course that you have not attended for up to 10 days after the course. For the online course you are able to apply for a refund up to 10 days after payment provided you have not accessed any of the course materials.

What does the licence cover?

The licence fee gives you the essentials to run successful HIITSTEP classes. This includes inclusion to the instructor network, marketing materials invites to ambassador days.